Tutoring Options

Private Tutoring

Philly Tutors strives to be flexible and convenient to meet students’ and parents’ busy schedules.

The location of the tutoring sessions can be at home, a local library, school or other quiet working environment.

Tutoring sessions can be scheduled as frequently as can be coordinated between the student and the tutor.

Subject Areas Currently Available

·        Math ·        Foreign Languages ·        GRE
·        Writing ·        History ·        MCAT
·        Reading ·        Social Studies ·        LSAT prep
·        English ·        SAT & ACT prep
·        Science ·        GED prep

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K – 8th Workshops

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College Prep

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SAT Prep Classes

Philly Tutors offers affordable and effective small group sessions.


1) North Light Community Center

175 Green Lane Phila., PA 19127

(Parking available)

2) Philly Tutors Office

2928 Poplar St. Phila., PA 19130


  • SAT Prep Math & Reading and Diagnostic Test
  • College Application and Essay Assistance
  • Scholarship and Financial Aid Information
  • Individual Advising Session
  • SAT Prep Book & and Other Resources

Ask about our COLLEGE PREP package!

Includes 1-on-1 coaching and group workshops on: college applications, essay assistance, scholarships and financial aid.

For more info and to register: 

Email: phillytutors.info@gmail.com

Phone: 267-254-1787


Affordable and effective tutoring suitable for all income levels. Hourly tutoring rates depends on the student’s grade level and subject area, location, and tutor’s experience and expertise.